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Optimising Modern Living
15 Years of Quality Manufacturing

The success of VINEKO evolved from a passion to create thoughtfully crafted outdoor furniture.   

Having started from humble beginnings, over the past 15 years, we have proudly evolved into a multi-national brand.  All products are manufactured on our own production lines, which allows for strict quality control, and ensures performance in the harshest of outdoor conditions.  

Our ethos to strive for continuous improvement serves as our inspiration.

Made with Quality, Loved by All

At VINEKO, our furniture is known for quality, sensibility, and timeless beauty.   In all that we do, we infuse our in-depth engineering knowledge and skilled craftsmanship.  Emphasis is placed on precision, organisation and attention to minute details.  We strive to deliver ergonomically comfortable and beautiful pieces that will stand the test of time.

Our products have been carefully developed, both by our in-house design teams, as well as through collaborations with well-established international designers.   Taking inspiration and guidance from talented design teams from various backgrounds brings diverse ideas allows us to create eclectic outdoor ranges that can be loved by all.   

Optimising Modern Living

Whether they adorn a quiet retreat or are featured in a buzzing rooftop bar or pool area, outdoor furniture creates an atmosphere where people to take time to reflect and enjoy experiences.  

At VINEKO, our goal is to create furniture that goes beyond simply fulfilling a purpose, to creating a memorable experience.